Apple picking is a favorite fall activity in the Hudson Valley. We are open for apple picking starting in late August and picking continues through the end of October. We’ve been growing apples since our founding in 1942 and offer several varieties. Whether you’re looking for an apple to make sauce, bake a pie, or just eat straight off of the tree - we’ve got a variety for you!

Apple Varieties

Variety Characteristics Best Uses Tips & Tricks Harvest Season
Jonamac Sweet to tarte taste. Crisp bite. Excellent for eating and sauce. Late August - Early September
Blondee Clear yellow apple with a smooth skin. It's flavor is more sweet than tarte. The firm skin does not bruise easily. Excellent for eating and salads. It holds it's shape well, so it is also good for baking. This crisp apple will appeal to kids, a great way to encourage healthy snacking. Late August - Early September
McIntosh Sweet with a tart tang. Very juicy, tender white flesh. Aromatic flavor. Excellent for eating and sauce. Good for salads and pies. McIntosh's tender flesh cooks down quickly. Add a thickener if making a pie. Late August - Mid September
Gala Mild, sweet flavor. Crisp, creamy, yellow flesh. Excellent for eating and salads. Gala's size and mellow flavor make them a perfect choice for kids. Late August - Mid September
Macoun Extra sweet and aromatic flavor. Very juicy. Tender, snow white flesh. Excellent for eating and salads. Try serving Macoun slices with cheese for a great autumn dessert. Mid-September - End of September
Ginger Gold Sweet but mildly tart. Fine textured, crisp, cream colored flesh. Excellent for eating and salads. Ginger Gold is very slow to turn brown so it's an excellent choice for any fresh cut apple use. Mid-September - Mid-October
Empire A wonderful blend of sweet and tarte. Very crisp, creamy white flesh. Excellent for eating and salads. Good for sauce, baking, pies, and freezing. Small Empires are great for school lunches. Kids love Empires' sweet-tart taste and super crunch texture. Late September - October
Jonagold Honey sweet with a hint of tartness. Crisp, creamy yellow flesh. Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, and baking. Good for pies and freezing. Jonagold makes great fried apples. Simply saute in a little butter and add a little cinnamon. No sugar needed! Late September - October
Red Delicious Sweet flavor. Crisp, yellow flesh. Excellent for eating and salads. Red Delicious apples look great for a long time, so they are the favorite for holiday centerpieces. Late September - October
Stayman-Winesap Sweet flavor. Yellow flesh with a spicy, vinous flavor. Godo for eating, salads, sauce, baking, and pies. October
Red Rome Mildly tart flavor. Firm, greenish white flesh. Excellent for sauce, baking, and pies. Good for salads and freezing. Combine Red Romes with a sweet apple such as Red Delicious for a tasty apple sauce. October